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Closing the Discussion Board

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Dan Gibson

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Posted 07 July 2013 - 09:37 PM

Reasons for temporarily closing the board. (July 2013)

1. Currently I am having some health problems that severely limit my free time.

2. I am employed and have a family, which limits my time for research.

3. I want to answer questions as fully as possible, but this takes time. I hope to write a series of academic papers on each of the topics raised, that provide full references and footnotes.

4. I appreciate those who have posted comments and questions. I currently do not have the time to deal with all that is on this board. If I don’t respond, it doesn’t mean I cannot, it means that I am preparing my answer. People are quick to criticize my writings and opinions but I want to provide clear definitive answers of why I hold these opinions, and this often takes time to research and get the references I need.

5. I had hoped there would be more discussion rather than questions being asked by people who have not read the book. This makes it very difficult, as this discussion board was intended to host discussion that went farther than the book, rather than a place to defend myself and my writings from those who had not read what I actually present.