The files on this page are provided for those who want to do background reading behind "Qur'anic Geography." Since the book covers a span of history from very ancient times until the early years of Islam, the breadth of books required is very large. The books provided here are in the public domain. Many other copyrighted books and journals were used in our study, which must be obtained from your library or online book-seller.

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Primary Sources

Qur'an in Arabic (Unicode) for Word Hadith Bukhari: English Hadith Bukhari: English (Khan)
English Qur'an, Hilali and Khan Hadith Muslim: English Hadith Niasa - Vol 1 -6
English Qur'an, Rodwell & Margoliouth Hadith Tirmidhi: English The Life of Muhammad, Ishaq
English Qur'an, Yusuf Ali Hadith Dawud: English Waqidi: Conquest of Syria, English
Monotheist Qur'an Hadith Muwatta: English Authentic Supplication: English
English Qur'an: Palmer Hadith Nawawi: English History of Martyrs of Palestine, Eusebius
English Qur'an: Pickthall Hadith Qudsi: English The Works of Flavius Josephus
Index to the Qur'an Sunan Ibn Majah Vols 1 - 5, English Strabo Geography Vol 1
Kitab Maqtal al Husayn, English Hadith - English Strabo Geography Vol 2
Maqtal al-Husain, Jimouri Nahjul Balagah - English The Qur'an in International English
Hadith Nawawi, English Hadith Ibn Kathir: English Livy 1 & 2 - Foster (25.2 mb)
Hadith Tirmidhi: English/Arabic Polybius - Hampton Vol 1 (19.9 mb) Livy 3 & 4 - Foster (24.5 mb)

Secondary Sources

Kitab Almahsin walMasawi (Arabic/German)
The History of Arabic Literature, Huart
Myth and Reality of Hadith
Hadha Diwan Mukhtarat Shur'ara
al'Arab, by Ibn Al Shajari
Kitab Al Istibsa: Mecca, Medina and Egypt (Arabic)
A Word for Word Meaning of the Qur'an
Oriental Geography, Hajukal
Aqeedatut Tahawi with Commentary
Periplus_of_the_Erythrean_Sea Vol 1 - Vincent
The Arab Conquests in Central Asia, Gibb
The Methodology of Hadith Evaluation
Periplus_of_the_Erythrean_Sea Vol 2 - Vincent
Tafsir Ibn Kathir Abridged
Periplus of Hannon
Prolegomena of Ibn Khaldun, Macdonald
The of Islam, Guillaume
Qiblitain Mosque
Sallust - Murphy
Islam, Guillaume
The Seven Poems, Suspended in the temple at Mecca, Johnson
Tacitus - Collins
Atlas of the Qur'an
Xenophon's Works -Ashley, Cooper etc
The Works of Sallust
Jerusalem in the Qur'an
The Mecca Question
Qur'anic Geography

Other Sources

Guide to the Haj
The Arab Horse, Spencer Borden
Wanderings In Arabia I, Doughty 
Early Christianity in Arabia
Thomas Wright
Kinship & Marriage in Early Arabia, Robertson Smith
Wanderings In Arabia II, Doughty  
Ancient History in Persia, Vaux
Prolegomena of Ibn Khaldun, Macdonald
History of the Conquest of Spain,
Vol. 1. Coppee.
Arabian Wisdom, Wortabet 
The Gold-Mines of Midian and the Ruined Midianite Cities, Burton
The History of the Saracens 
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Vol 6, Gibbon
Arabian Poetry for English Readers, Clouston
Mahommed, The Great Arabian, Townsend
Lectures on Poetry, Mackail
My Quest of the Arabian Horse, Davenport
Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys, Burckhardt
Ancient Empires of the East, Sayce
The Singing Caravan, Henry Baerlein 
Qiblatain Mosque 
  The History of Arabia, Crichton Vol1
Knowledge of the Ancient Chinese and Arabs, Bretschneider
Personal Narrative, Central and Eastern Arabia, Palgrave
 The History of Arabia, Crichton Vol2
The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra, Gibson 
Sinai, Hedjaz and Soudan, Hamilton
The Byzantine Empire, Oman
Christianity in Saudi Arabia
Revolt in Arabia 
History of the Byzantine and Greek Empires, Vol 1 Finlay
Selections from Arabic Geographical Literature, Goeje
Travels in Arabia, Bayard Taylor
History of the Byzantine and Greek s, Vol 1 Finlay
Ancient Chinese Knowledge of Arabs and Arabian Colonies - E Bretshneider
The Ancient Coinage of Southern Arabia G. F. Hill
Arab Conquests in Central Asia Vol 2- Gibb
Archaeology of the Cuneiform Inscriptions - Sayce
Babyloniaca - Virolleaud & Sayce
Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates Vol 1 - Anne Blunt
China and the Roman Orient - Hirth -
Commerce and Nagivation Eruthrean Sea - McCrindle (6.2 mb)
Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates Vol 2 - Anne Blunt
Chinese and Arabian Literature -Wilson
Incidents of travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy Land - J. L. Stephens
Exploration in Bible Lands, H.V. Hilprecht
Moorish Remains in Spain - Albert F. Calvert
Pilgrimage to Hijaz - Begam
Ancient History of China, Hirth 
Source-Book of Ancient History - Botsford
The Arabia Prophet from Chinese Sources - Isaac Mason
The Chaliphate - Muir
The History of Arabia, Crichton Vol 1
The Arabia Prophet from Chinese Sources - Isaac Mason
The History of Arabic Literature - Huart
The History of Arabia, Crichton Vol2
Ancient Egyptian, Asyrian and persian Costumes, Houston, Hornblower
Arabia, Cradle of Civilization
Arabian Medicine, Browne
BetShan Earthquake
 The Cappadocian Cuneiform Tablets
Cuneiform Inscriptions and the O.T. Vol 1, Schrader
Cuneiform Inscriptions and the O.T. Vol 2, Schrader
Dhow Chasing in Zanzabar Waters
The Eastern, or Old World, Vol 1, Brownell
Hijaz Pilgrimage, Sultan Jahan Begam
History of the Conquest of Spain Vol 1, Coppee
The Eastern, or Old World, Vol 2, Brownell
Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petrea and the Holy Land, Stephens
History of the Conquest of Spain, Vol 2, Coppee
India as Known to the Ancient World, Banerjee
Kinship and Marriage in Early Islam, Robertson Smith
The Shu King, Old (China)
Sino-Iranica, Lauger
Six Months in the Hejaz, Keane
The Story of the Byzantine Empire
Studies in a Mosque, Lane-Poole
The Caliphate, Muir
Tents and Towers of Arabia, Shaffer
Through Turkish Arabia, Cowper
Understanding Geography of Israel

Arabic Books

Sirat Inbuia Ibn Ishaq (Arabic)
Majani al-Adab Vol 1, Cheikho
Ibn Khaldun Vol 1
A Istaibsar fi 'ajaib alamsar, Nasr Wataliq
Majani al-Adab Vol 2, Cheikho
Ibn Khaldun Vol 2
Atlas of The Life of Muhammed
Majani al-Adab Vol 3, Cheikho
Ibn Khaldun Vol 3
Eutychius Alexandrian Annalium
Majani al-Adab Vol 4, Cheikho
Ibn Khaldun Vol 4
History of Conquest, Futuh Misr
Majani al-Adab Vol 5, Cheikho
Ibn Khaldun Vol 5
Yaqut Vol. 1
Majani al-Adab Vol 6, Cheikho 
Ibn Khaldun Vol 6
Yaqut Vol. 2
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 1
Ibn Khaldun Vol 7
Yaqut Vol. 3
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 2 
Ibn Khaldun Vol 8
Yaqut Vol. 5
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 3 
Ibn Khaldun Vol 9
Yaqut Vol. 6
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 4
Ibn Khaldun Vol 10
Mu'jm AlBuldan Vol 1
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 5
Ibn Khaldun Vol 12
Mu'jm AlBuldan Vol 2
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 6
Ibn Khaldun Vol 13
Mu'jm AlBuldan Vol 3
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 7
Ibn Khaldun Vol 14
Mu'jm AlBuldan Vol 4
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 8
History of Miskawayh, Vol 5
Mu'jm AlBuldan Vol 5
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 9
History of Miskawayh, Vol 6
Hibat Allah, Ibn al-Sharjari
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 10
Kitab Arshad alQasad ila Isna alMakasd, Ibn Al Afriki
Kitab al Buldan, Ya'Qubi
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 11
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 13
Kitabl Al Mahasin Val Masavi
Tarikh Ibn Asir Vol 12
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