Question: You quote writings in the book which are not available here. Why not?

Answer: Many of the sources in the book are copyrighted and cannot be provided for you here. Please check your local university library, bookstores, Amazon, etc to find those resources. The resources here are older resources that are not copyrighted.

Question: A resources as listed here previously but is no longer available, what happened?

Answer: That resource may have been copyrighted and we may have listed it by mistake. It has now been removed.


The files on this page are provided for those who want to do background reading behind "Qur'anic Geography." Since the book covers a span of history from very ancient times until the early years of Islam, the breadth of books required is very large. The books provided here are in the public domain. Many other copyrighted books and journals were used in our study, which must be obtained from your library or online book-seller.