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Jurhum and ‘Ad

#1   Dan Gibson 

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Posted 20 September 2012 - 02:32 AM

Jurhum and ‘Ad

Ibn Ishaq relates the story of the Jurhum and the filling of ZamZam in Sirat Rasul Allah [(#71) pg 45, A. Guillaume]

In very ancient times the Jurhum were from the sons of Ishmael, and the sons of Nabit (Nebaoth) and were in the Holy City. They had emigrated from the south in two groups. One group (the Jurhum) settled in the upper part of the valley and one group ( the Samayda’) settled in the lower part. Years later they fought each other, but the people of Jurhum triumphed and became the leading tribe. In time they abused their privileges and the tribes of Kinana and Khuza expelled them. Years later the Quraysh united together and gained power in Mecca. In this way the ancient people of Jurhum were associated with the history of the Holy City.

What is most interesting is that Ibn Isaq (#38) tells us that the people of Jurhum lived exactly where the People of ‘Ad used to live. He writes: ’Ad and Jurhum were in Mecca before them. [pg 28 The Life of Muhammad, A. Guillaume]

In one fell swoop Ibn Ishaq places the people of ‘Ad, the people of ‘Jurhum, and the holy city of Islam all in the same location! This corresponds exactly to the archeological and historical evidence presented in the book, and flies in the face of those who want to place the people of ‘Ad in the Dhofar province of Oman.

#2   Phill 

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 02:22 AM

Hi Dan

Nice find however, Can we show that the Jurhum even existed ?. As far as I know Arabia is rich with archeological evidence for all the tribes that existed in Arabia including trade routes and which tribes dealt with which tribes, but nothing relating to a tribe called "JURHUM" except through Ishak's cronicles. The other two tribes who expelled them being Kinana and Khuza are well documented.



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